Sensory Friendly screenings take place at least once per month at The Arc Cinema and usually more often than this. We are delighted to welcome those with sensory difficulties, along with their families and friends, to these special screenings where we make some minor adjustments to the environment to better suit those with sensory difficulties:

  1. Lights in the auditorium are left on at a dimmed level througout the screening, so the auditorium will not be in total darkness;
  2. Sound levels are turned down a little;
  3. There are no trailers before the film;
  4. It is understood that customers may make some noise, or may not stay fully seated in the auditorium throughout the screening;

These adjustments are designed to ensure that customers with sensory difficulties and their families and friends can enjoy a cinema experience together, in a suitable environment.

Sensory Friendly screenings are scheduled for around 12 noon on a Sunday, every few weeks and at least once per month. Sometimes we schedule extra screenings if there are suitable films and times available (e.g. during holiday times). When a screening is scheduled we include this in our weekly listings on our website and we post notices on our Facebook page whenever a screening is organised, so make sure to Like our page to receive updates.

Tickets can be pre-booked either online or at the cinema, or can be bought on the morning of the screening.


There are currently no Sensory screenings.

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